1310Tx and 1490Rx BOSA Module

1310Tx and 1550Rx BOSA Module applied to FTTx application and PON etc.   Product features DFB uncooled

BOSA Module Device

1310Tx and 1550Rx BOSA Module

1310tx and 1550rx Bosa kits are mainly used for two-way transmission. They have the characteristics of DFB

BOSA Module Device

1310Tx and 1550Rx WDM BOSA module

1310tx and 1550rx WDM Bosa kit is mainly used for bidirectional transmission, configured with WDM, DFB laser

BOSA Module Device

1610Tx and 1550Rx Bosa Module

1610tx and 1550rx Bosa modules are mainly used for single fiber bidirectional transmission, providing customized services, and

BOSA Module Device


EPON ONU BOSA is coupled with 1310nm FP uncooled laser and PIN-TIA, which can meet high reliability

BOSA Module Device

850nm&1310nm FP and APD OTDR Module

850nm & 1310nm FP and APD OTDR module is mainly used for OTDR manufacturing, providing customized services

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